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Bono recent pics

Described by Bobby as "a bloody exasperating child Paul got a reputation at an early age for juegos de maquinitas tragamonedas garage being both absent-minded yet aits which earned him the unholy and ironic nickname "the Antichrist" from both family and friends.
Credit for this goes to his friend, Guggi, a high school cohort who stole it from a hearing aid store on OConnell Street in Dublin.Continuing his passion for acting, Chaz forges ahead with future acting endeavors.Bono - The 86th Annual Oscars held at Dolby Theatre - Red Carpet Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States.Eye Color, blue, hair Color, brown - Dark, birthplace.Bono and U2 - Celebrities at Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in Marylebone - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 22nd October 2014.During this time, Paul also found himself drawn to music and playing the guitar.Adding to his multiple hyphenated talents, he has shared his life and experiences in the three-time Emmy nominated documentary, "Becoming Chaz." "Intimate and nakedly honest, the documentary reveals the humanity and courage it takes for Chaz to ultimately embrace his true self." The film received.Paul David Hewson.k.a Bono arriving at 'The Late Show with David Letterman' at the Ed Sullivan Theater.Bono, Naomie Harris and Idris Elba - 25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala - Backastage - Palm.Chaz has contributed as a writer-at-large to The Advocate and in 1996 became the Human Rights Campaign's National Coming Out Day spokesperson.The most notable example of slot game kit this was witnessed by both Bobby and Iris Hewson when Paul was three-years-old, playing in their backyard garden: the couple watched with both horror and fascination as their toddler lifted honeybees off the flowers on his fingertip, talked to them.His greatest enjoyment, however, seemed to come from performing with a school theater troupe."I'd do it so much better now than I did then!".At the age of 15, Paul suffered a tragic and devastating loss, when his mother died of a brain aneursym while attending the funeral of her own father.One day in 1976, he answered an ad posted on a bulletin board at the Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, asking for anyone who was interested in forming a band to meet after school at the house of one Larry Mullen Junior.With the younger, no-nonsense Larry serving as the talented drumming catalyst for the groups formation, the other members filled out what was to eventually become U2, one of the worlds most memorable and famous rock groups: a gifted guitarist/guitar builder named Dave Evans, whose eventual.He excelled in history, chess and art, was considered a good painter, and had many girlfriends who adored his romantic, sweet-talking though it was the feisty, no-bull nature of his dark-haired sweetheart Alison Stewart which eventually got him to become a "one woman" man.The best example of this was seen by millions during the pecially the Live Aid concert in 1985, when (mid-way through an epic rendition of "Bad he leapt off the stage, over a security barricade to the floor of the arena, and pulled a woman.Bono and Edge - Shots of the British band Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds as they gave a live performance.
Bono, Leah Hewson and Norman Hewson - U2's Bono at the launch of his niece, Leah Hewson, new art.
At the same time, he has repeatedly flogged himself in the press for not being a proper "pop star" and has continually expressed a desire to become a great singer.